Providing Sustainable Help for Our Local Small Businesses

Small businesses across the United States need our help. Nearly a quarter of US small merchants are closed and overall revenue is still down for many due to the COVID-19 pandemic. * Become a Local Ally and help your local small business today!

* World Economic Forum - Mapping the uneven recovery of America’s small businesses

Our Initiatives

Small Business Hub

We work with each small merchant on a direct one-to-one basis to make sure they are getting the specific help they need starting with their own specialized page on our small business hub that includes relevant information tailored to your needs.

Donation Programs

Each small business will get access to our donation programs, which include but are not limited to gift vouchers and donate-a-meal opportunities - 100% of these funds raised will go back to the business.

Specialized Consultation

Our team will work with each partner to build a plan that includes digital and social media marketing help and, if needed, translation services (languages currently supported include Mandarin and Cantonese) - all provided free-of-service.